Why Choose Us

Excellent relationship with vendors & sound financial position in the market

We at DHYAANIINC are excel in providing customer satisfaction, stake holders confidence and lead in the tile and marbles manufacturing marketplace. We work endlessly to provide consistent and dependable quality of products and services to our clientele.

At DHYAANIINC, we use our extensive professional network to identify, evaluate and capture attractive business opportunities for our stakeholders. Our financial stability and cash flow also allows us to support our stakeholders and capture investment opportunities. We thus make sure that our stakeholders receive adequate returns and growth of their investments.


Dhyaani is determined to reach and sustain a position of leadership.

Customer Satisfaction

Through consistent and dependable quality of products and services.

Stake holders confidence

Through adequate returns and growth of investment.

About Us

We are tiles and marbles trading company based in Ahmedabad, India. At DHYAANI TILE AND MARBLEZ LIMITED, we cater to our clients and customers efficiently and ensure they receive the best product possible.

We are in the tiles trading market to provide our customers and clients the best service for their money. Designing and manufacturing tiles according to our clients’ needs and working together with them to come up with personalized solutions is what sets us apart from other industries. We strive to build strong, trustworthy and intimate relationships with our customers. We make sure that our work complements and supplement our customer’s needs and requirements so that we are always able to strike for a win-win situation.

We Believe in Achievements,
So Our Belief Is Our Way to Success...


Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

Structured Business

"Over the decades the organization had made investments in infrastructure and real estate, keeping in mind the future expansion requirements of the business. The amount invested in the course was relatively small, but over the period same has grown in leaps and bounds as per Indian real estate growth. With this big land bank and past experience of the market"

Tiles and Marble

At DHYAANI TILE AND MARBLEZ LIMITED, we dedicate our time, effort and experience to strive for perfection, quality, innovation and integrity in our work. Our team is dedicated to trade the best tiles in the market and be an example brand leader. Meeting our customer satisfaction levels and working passionately for a sustainable future is what we do here at DHYAANIINC. We toil and endeavor constantly to provide the exceptional service in the marketplace and make sure our customers’ dreams and hopes are realized. We will continue to provide unparalleled service and be one of India’s finest trading companies.