About Us

About Us

The Golden Rule

Rule of enforcing to reckon with for setting trends with the values and principles of the group.


Our team ensures that we follow our moral compass while providing our client’s the best returns


Dhyaani will provide a fair opportunity to each one to beat their best, for growth through transparency, trust and honesty.

Society cares

Through efforts to conserve and improve environment.

Associate confidence

Through sharing of knowledge and concern for mutual benefit.


Our company’s ultimate-goal is to build a trusting relationship with our clients.


We are a high-standard modern enterprise specializing in trading of tiles a. Our company is the perfect place for tile projects with lots of experience. If you’re looking for satin, polished or textured tiles for your home or your office, look no further! Here at DHYAANIINC, we stock every variety of tiles and marbles that you could possibly want.

Our company is based in Ahmedabad, India where we have our warehouse and physical store. All of our tiles product are traded right here and direct from factory. Our materials are tested, experimented and produced to a fine finished product to provide our customers with the satisfaction and luxury they deserve.

The main categories of tiles that we produce are rustic, polished glazed, polished and textured tiles. We have a huge selection of tiles whether it be ceramic, vitrified or wooden. We sell tiles and marbles befitting any required in a home like floor and wall tiles, bathroom tiles, mosaics and borders, kitchen and outdoor, stairwells and balconies. We also work according to the need of our customers and provide them with the perfect finishing to their homes. We have a variety of sample designs that our customers can choose from to decide their perfect homes. Our suppliers are well-known brands placed throughout India. We are planning to expand to many other top cities of India very soon.